The Ram 2500 is more than just a truck, it's one of the most heavy-duty vehicles on the market that is popular for people who need their vehicle to do a lot of heavy lifting. In fact, the bed and cabin are designed to do just that, but the Ram 2500 offers more than just awesome cargo-hauling space. It also has the suspension to make rides in the most rugged terrain with even the heaviest loads manageable.

The Ram 2500 is equipped with a 3-link front suspension and a 5-link rear suspension that gives the driver a smooth ride. The 3-link front suspension has a larger stabilizer bar so that all the driver experiences is a smooth ride. Similarly, the 5-link rear suspension gives the driver more maneuverability and a more comfortable ride.

If you need a heavy-duty truck that can keep up with all of the lifting that you need a vehicle to do, come to our dealership, and we'll be happy to let you take one for a test drive.

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