Almost everyone needs financing to help them acquire a new or used car. But some people are filled with dread when it comes time to determine their payment plan. Luckily, people in Cape Girardeau, MO can enjoy easy-going financial guidance at Morlan Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram. Our seasoned finance professionals will put your mind at ease by calmly explaining your financing options and filling you in on our specials. We'll work with your credit situation and help you design a payment solution that won't overstress your budget. Most people know that financing or leasing are the main ways to pay for a vehicle, but which method is best? Keep reading to find out.

Advantages of Leasing

People in Cape Girardeau who don't have much cash on hand may prefer to lease a car, truck, or SUV. When you lease a vehicle, you're only paying for the time period you drive it, instead of its full cost. By leasing a car from Morlan Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, you'll:

  • Have a low (or no) down payment.
  • Pay less sales tax.
  • Enjoy lower monthly payments!
  • Spend less on repairs, because the vehicle stays covered by its original warranty for the entire lease term.
  • Keep up with all the latest tech features and innovations, because they can drive a brand-new car every two to four years.
Cape Girardeau drivers will also like that there are no resale or trade-in hassles with a lease. When the lease ends, they can just return the leased vehicle and start a new lease on another car. If they love the vehicle they're leasing, they can re-lease it or purchase it for the residual price.

Benefits of Financing

If you want a car you can keep for many years, financing it is a better idea. When you finance a car, you build equity that you can use to help pay for your next vehicle. With a finance deal from Morlan Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, you'll:

  • Be able to drive the car as much as you like, with no mileage restrictions.
  • Be able to personalize or modify the vehicle if you choose.
  • Make no payments once the loan is paid off.
  • Be able to refinance the car to save money down the road.
People in Cape Girardeau will appreciate that they can sell or trade in the vehicle on their own schedule when they finance it. They also have the option to pass the car down to another family member when they're done driving it.

Contact Morlan Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram for Help with Your Car Loan or Lease

These are just some of the variables to consider when deciding to buy or lease a car from Morlan Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram. Contact us for further assistance in acquiring your ideal vehicle.

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