In Cape Girardeau, professionals expect the highest standards from themselves and the equipment that aids in their service. This is why Dodge has such a strong presence here, with their vehicles essentially defining the standard for what a durable, safe utility vehicle is.

Nothing exemplifies Dodge engineering quite like the Ram ProMaster, one of the pinnacles of automotive engineering in the 21st century. This vehicle wasn’t just designed to withstand heavy use, it was designed to withstand the toughest environments on the continent. It doesn’t matter if you’re crossing rugged mountains with rarified air, deserts with burning air and a blazing sun, or the ultimate test of a vehicle’s durability – busy stop-and-go city streets, the ProMaster can handle it.

Having multiple crush zones, seven airbags and of course active head restraints, the ProMaster isn’t just the most durable thing out there, it’s the safest. To see the Ram ProMaster for yourself, pay us a visit at Morlan Chrysler right away!

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